Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding in Hampstead Safe For Any Wooden Surface

Call in the experts when you need floor sanding in Hampstead for a service which is fast, efficient, and safe no matter what type of wood flooring you have. Use this service to give a fresh, newly installed look to even aged wooden floors and floorboards.

Why Use Handyman Hampstead For Wood Floor Sanding?

  • Trained specialists equipped with the latest rotary sanding machines.
  • Following a multi step process of sanding ensures a complete refreshed look for all kinds of wooden floors.
  • A quality guarantee backs up all work, in addition to comprehensive insurance cover.
  • A full range of carpentry and property refurbishment services, always giving you the expertise you need for any home improvement!
  • The convenience of seven-day services – select any day during the week or the weekend for your appointment.
  • Friendly assistance available around the clock – call us 24/7 to book or get an advice about your floor sanding in Hampstead.
  • Commence your service with a wood floor sanding specialist coming over to view your property, and obtain a quote afterwards.

How We Accomplish Your Floor Sanding in Hampstead

Your expert team will always match the method we use for your floor sanding in Hampstead to the actual condition and type of your floor. In general though, this is the system we follow:

  1. Coarse sanding – this first grade gets the worst of the old layer of sealant off, and prepares the way for the next grades;
  2. Medium sanding – the second tier of sanding continues to remove all the dirt and grime present, and approaches the top layers of wood;
  3. Fine sanding – allows precision as we refresh and renew your floor’s surface;
  4. Staining – this optional step allows you to re-colour your wooden floors before they’re sealed;
  5. Sealing – we can provide several types of wax and oil sealants. Though we’re happy to leave your floor as-is after sanding, we highly recommend having them sealed;

All of the equipment used is the latest of its kind currently available, and work is carried out by an experienced professional under full guarantee of quality. The equipment itself is dust-free, ensuring that your premises or home are kept spotless while your team are at work.

In many cases we’ll also be able to provide repairs for chips and divots in your flooring. Feel free to schedule an onsite viewing to secure a quote.

Our Floor Sanders

Our smartly uniformed team is used to delivering floor sanding in Hampstead in busy commercial environments as well as private homes. We’ll always minimise any hassle or disruption, working courteously and quickly until the job is done.