Electrical Services

Electrical Services in Hampstead For Emergencies and Installation

Don’t waste money on overpriced certified electrician when all you need is some basic electrical repair work. The electrical services in Hampstead we provide are carried out by highly experienced and fully trained professionals. But they mean you won’t need to pay the excessive fees for simple a simple job.

Why Select Handyman Hampstead?

  • Trained experts able to complete a wide range of electrical services in Hampstead – installation, repair, re-wiring, and much more.
  • Stay protected at all times by comprehensive insurance cover, and our quality guarantee.
  • Pay far less than you would for basic work which doesn’t require over-the-top qualifications.
  • Various options are available such as painting and decorating, plumbing, which you can combine with your order to save money as we are able to provide with preferential rates on larger refurbishment projects.
  • Availability whenever you need it, seven days a week.
  • Get in touch to set up your electrical services in Hampstead 24 hours a day, any day.
  • Start off with an initial price estimate, and get an onsite viewing to have that quote confirmed for larger-scale work.

What Kind of Electrical Services in Hampstead Do You Need?

Here you’ll get the flexibility and expertise necessary to handle a wide range of electrics work, such as:

  1. Installing new appliances which need to be hardwired, such as cookers or sound systems;
  2. Fitting new light switches or dimmers;
  3. Repairing or fixing faulty wiring or light installations;
  4. Fitting new plug sockets and outlets;

Just give us a call and tell us what simple electrical services in Hampstead you need, and we’ll confirm that we have the trained and experienced specialist you need to handle it. You’ll get an initial price estimate by phone, and we’ll always be happy to send an expert round to you to discuss your plans with you.

Using us both for electrics work and other refurbishment jobs enables us to smoothly coordinate everything that you need done, however these services are always available to be requested separately.

Our Electricians

All professionals have undergone extensive training, years of experience in the industry, equipped with high grade tools to deal with almost any problems you might be facing with your home or workplace electrics.